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The Spatio Metaverse Engine will enable The Metaverse to become photorealistic and scalable to billions of people globally through the already existing internet and portable mixed-reality consumer devices — Built for Enterprises to the individual — Spatio will enable the creation of "The Metaverse" to become possible.

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We are looking to onboard a Spatio Engine technologist, Computer Vision / ML Lead Scientist, and Chief Metaverse Officer — Work alongside some of the most talented technologists in the world and become an inventor of what will power and enable the next iteration of the internet.

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"The Internet" "The Metaverse"

Humans have been around for at least tens of thousands of years and just in the past century has humanity begun to prioritize the exchange of data, information, and human interaction through 2-dimensional objects like the computer and mobile phone — "The Metaverse" will include the same composability and interoperability seen in our current internet, but allow it to occur in our natural third-dimensional perspective.

Game engines were not
designed for The Metaverse

Today we have to rely on cost control techniques and engines designed for games rather than "The Metaverse." — The Metaverse needs a dedicated Metaverse Engine — Today's industry-leading game engine, Unreal Engine 5, was designed and developed over 20 years ago, primarily for games and were expected to be run on game consoles and very expensive GPUs.


The Engine infrastructure for The Metaverse

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